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Engineer Girl!

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

I recently discovered this fantastic website and wanted to share this with you!

Women and men, all people! Check this website out, if you're interested in becoming an ambassador and helping all the brainy young women out there become leaders in the engineering industry, then this is a great place to make your mark. I took the initiative to sign up and create a profile, which I hope, someone somewhere has seen and thought, 'hey she's cool like me, I could be an engineer as well'. Ok, well maybe they didn't think that exact thought, but you hear what I'm trying to say. We are the role models, the inspiration for younger people and they will view us as versions of their older selves.

Here's little extra information I stole from the website:

The EngineerGirl website is designed to bring national attention to the exciting opportunities that engineering represents for girls and women.  Why girls and women?  Because despite an increase in female participation in many traditionally male-dominated professions such as medicine and law, women remain grossly under-represented in engineering.   Engineering and engineers are central to the process of innovation, and innovation drives economic growth.  Diversity of thought is crucial to creativity, and by leaving women out of the process of innovation we lose a key component of diversity and stifle innovation.  We want the creative problem-solvers of tomorrow to fully represent the world's population, because they will be the ones to ensure our health, happiness, and safety in years to come.

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