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President Report - October 2022

Happy October!

News from Last Month

Last month was a great kick-off for the 2022-2023 team! We hosted our Annual Fall BBQ at Sugarhouse Park on September 29th and powered through some exciting downpours. Thank you to all the members who came out to show support! It ended up being a great night with a solid turnout.

K-12 Outreach

Our K-12 Outreach Team met with the Jordan District STEM Committee and brainstormed ways to get involved this upcoming school year. The teachers are excited about the resources ASCE has put together on the national website and we have some plans to start classroom visits in the coming months. We’ve also partnered with Code Ninjas to judge some city planning activities for middle school aged kids. If you'd like to participate in our K-12 Outreach Team, contact Alex Yanez (

Student Chapter Relations

The Younger Member Forum has been working closely with the University of Utah Student Chapter to support their huge growth. Julie Hansen has accepted a role as a Student Chapter Mentor, and we are looking to establish another Student Chapter Mentor later this month. We are excited to see the student chapter’s ambitious growth and see this as a great potential for post-college membership retention.

PE Review

The Fall PE Review is still undergoing coordination, but updates will follow soon. The new Computer-Based Testing (CBT) format has presented challenges for the traditional review structure, but our President Elect Allison Valencia is working to develop a new format that suits the members as well as the instruction volunteers.

October Plans

Looking forward, this month we will combine with the University of Utah Student Chapter and welcome the National ASCE President Dennis Truax on October 27th . We will use October to capitalize on the momentum generating by a successful opening social and plan more events for the upcoming year.

Anna Roberts, E.I.T.

ASCE Utah YMF, President

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