ASCE YMF Meeting and Officer's Retreat

First and foremost we'd like to welcome Chasen Humphries, our new ASCE YMF officer. We look forward to having him as part of our team to help bring to YOU more opportunities to mingle in a fun and exciting way with your peers. Chasen formerly attended BYU Idaho where he majored in Civil Engineering. We hope Chasen will better bridge the gap between BYU in Provo and the ASCE YMF where we've been a little bit disconnected, until now.

Whether that's due to the distance from Provo to Salt Lake City, or the venues for social gathering not always being the most accommodating to everybody's needs, we will strive to do better this year. With that said, our meeting in August, which took place at Top Golf, again (winky face) was another fun one for us. During the business part of the meeting, our roles for the forthcoming year were discussed as well our budget for the upcoming year! We plan to host more inspiring events this year that give people the opportunity to hear keynote speakers who have a story worth listening to, stay tuned Utah :-)


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