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President Report - September 2019

Recap of Recent Events

With great honor, I did presentations at Utah Valley University and Salt Lake Community College as their engineering guest speaker. In the presentations, we shared study experiences, we talked about my construction working experience as well as my daily work as an engineer in public sector, and also the ASCE YMF. Mentioning all benefits I got from being a board member in ASCE YMF, I felt so grateful to all that has helped me in this big family.

On September 11th, we had our first board meeting for FY 2019 – 2020. First of all, I want to welcome Chasen Humphries and Matthew Nguyen to join our YMF Board. As the new Student Liaison, Chase will be our main contact to bridge the Student Chapters, while Matt will be in charge all of our social events after his PE exam this month as our new Social Chair. In this meeting, we also formed our 2022 WRYMC Planning Committee as our first Committee meeting is scheduled on October 1st. In the end of the board meeting, we had a round table discussion on our core values. Some big words we have come up with in common were networking, sharing, policy making. We have been learning from each other, sharing our own experience, and experiencing different cultures in our board. We are a small group, but we are intimate, and we are making lifelong friends.

October Events:

The biggest thing in October for YMF is the PE Exam, we wish all candidates good luck on the exam.

Right after the 8-hour long exam, we will have our annual Fall BBQ/Chili Cook Off, the detailed information will be out soon.

Lingkun Li

ASCE Utah YMF, President

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