Where did January go??!

So we're all over the January blues now and can begin moving on with our lives! With that said, a belated Happy New Year, It's also been a busy time for ASCE YMF since 2018. We had our regular ASCE monthly meet followed by some sweet beverages at Fisher Brewery, thanks to all those who came a long and braved the snow to be apart of the gang!

Secondly we kicked off the PE review course and have registered 15 lucky participants (who are all going to pass by the way, just saying). Make sure you sign up for the Fall course if you're planning on taking the exam this year. We have a panel of new teachers, including myself who'll be teaching Transportation Breadth, as well those we managed to retain from last year. Thanks to the teachers and ASCE committee members who were present to get this years course rolling!

Stay tuned for more updates in February, for now peace and love.


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