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President Report - November 2019

Recap of Recent Events

First of all, I would love to introduce and welcome our new President-Elect, Faramarz Safazadeh, to join YMF. Faramarz is doing internship in UDOT Taylorsville office, and he will be a full time Materials Engineer with PEPG after his PhD defense in December. As a good friend of mine and an old classmate back in school, Faramarz will be a great help in YMF. We are looking forward to working with him.

During the UDOT Conference, I had a small “Presidential Meetup” with our 2017-2018 President, Imanuel Aswandi, and 2018-2019 President, Heather Hamilton. It was a great opportunity to catch up with those good friends.

Right after the UDOT Conference, we were invited to the University of Utah FE Exam Tip Session. As a representative from YMF, it was a great pleasure to introduce some engineering licenses that may help the students in their professional careers.

We also did a joint Friendsgiving/Thanksgiving event with Social Axe Throwing to say “Thank you” to all civil engineers, young professionals, and their families that have supported YMF. We enjoyed it so much although it was the first time for most of us throwing an axe. Most importantly, we really appreciate that Chris Siavrakas, the founder of YMF and PE Review Class, joined us in this event, and shared with us the old stories of YMF.

YMF will not have any events in December. We wish you all Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year!!! See you all in January 2020!!!

Lingkun Li

ASCE Utah YMF, President

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