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President Report - September 2020

Recap of Recent Events

2020 has been an unusual year for everyone, as well as our YMF. We have cancelled most of our in-person meetings, socials, and gatherings, while we are working on virtual events.

After years of effort, Utah YMF was finally awarded the host of 2022 Multi-Regional Leadership Conference (MRLC). This is a long time team effort, from our 2016-2017 President, Ashley McMillan, 2017-2018 President, Immanuel Aswandi, 2018-2019 President, Heather Hamilton, all board members, the ASCE Utah Section, Wasatch Front Branch, Central Utah Branch, Northern Utah Branch, and Southern Utah Branch. The honor belongs to all of us. We are so excited to bring this conference back to Utah in 2022!

Successfully we held our virtual officers’ transition meeting in late July, with a virtual internal social in the following week. We are working on to improve our members’ experience in virtual events and there are some on the way. Special thanks to our social chair, Matthew Nguyen, for putting all our events together in this unprecedented time.

The biggest event in YMF every year is the PE Review Course. We paused and cancelled the Spring 2020 PE Review Course due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but this Fall, we are able to make this course in a new normal way. This time, we offer both online streaming and in-person course with a maximum occupancy of 10 people to prevent the spreading of COVID-19. We really want to express our sincere thanks to UDOT Region 2 again for hosting it and providing us the streaming service to all registrants. Also, we want to thank ASCE Utah Section, WTS Northern Utah Board, APWA Utah Section, ITE, and all our members and friends for the advertisement. We sincerely hope everyone who registered the PE Exam enjoys and nails it.

As usual, we are invited to Salt Lake Community College for presentations. This time, our President-elect, Taylor Hall, shared his professional working experience and ASCE Utah YMF events to our dear students. YMF is striving to bridge between college students and working professionals, as always. We believe these interactions will give our future engineers a better understanding of civil engineers and our effort to the community.

We also scheduled our first board meeting on September 16th. The President, Faramarz Safazadeh will discuss his approaches to all YMF events.

October Events:

The biggest thing in October for YMF is the PE Exam, we wish all candidates good luck on the exam.

As we successfully set up the date for WRYMC Salt Lake 2022, our planning committee will get together to discuss our duties to make it successful.

Most importantly, we are planning a social event to introduce our new administration, please check our website and our blast email for detailed information.

Lingkun Li, P.E.

ASCE Utah YMF, Past-President

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